Plant and product poisoning can kill or cause serious illness, so contact your veterinarian or the National Poison Control Center at (900)
 680-0000, (800) 548-2423, or (888) 426-4435 for instructions. (The National Poison Control Center at (900) 680-0000 costs $20 for the
first five minutes and $2.95 for each additional minute billed to your telephone; (800) 548-2423 and (888) 426-4435 are credit- card-only
               numbers for $30 per case. Only Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted.)
 In some cases of poisoning, vomiting should be induced to get the toxin out of the system as quickly as possible. Use hydrogen peroxide
 (three percent solution) or syrup of ipecac to induce vomiting if Rascal ingests pesticides containing arsenic, carbamates, metaldehyde, or
 organophosphates; drugs containing aspirin or acetominophen; antifreeze; or products containing lead, phenol, strychnine, Vitamin D3, or
                      Warfarin. Induce vomiting in strychnine cases only if it is not having difficulty breathing.
   If your dog eats your house plants or munches his way through the garden, induce vomiting in most cases EXCEPT those involving
                                      nettles, dumb cane, philodendron, and elephant ears.
                                               DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING
   If your dog eats or drinks petroleum products such as motor oil, gasoline, paint thinner, or lighter fluid or cleaning solutions such as
 bleach, ammonia, or laundry detergents - instead, give one dose of one or two tablespoons of cooking oil or mineral oil and call for help
  as soon as possible. (Most products today carry treatment information if the contents are ingested or inhaled. If it says -do not induce
                                                   vomiting,- pay attention.)
 We have had to use Hydrogen Peroxide quite a few times lol. These dogs like to eat anything, like a 8 inch soft chewed up piece of hide
  that broke off the springpole and the dog decided to swallow it before we could even reach it to take it away. No problem... Hydrogen
   Peroxide did the trick. Give 2 tablespoons & wait 15 minutes, repeat with another 2 tablespoons if the dog hasn't thrown up what it
                                swallowed. Usually you don't need to give more than 4 tablespoons.