Antibiotic Chart 

Antibiotic Dose (By Weight Of Dog) Used In Ifections Of: Adverse Reactions
Amiglycoside Neomycin 10 mg/lb q 6 hr, Orally, Topically 3 to 4 times daily Diarrhea (orally), Eye*, Ear, Skin (topically) Kidney damage, Allergy
Ampicillin 5-10 mg/lb q 6 hr, Orally Same as penicillin, Genitourinary tract, Respiratory tract Allergy
Cephalosporin Depends on the drug Urinary tract, Resiratory tract Kidney damage
Erythromycin 5 mg/lb q 8 hr, Orally Penicillin substitute when dog is allergic to penicillin Rare
Furacin Apply 2 or 3 times daily, Topical Burns, Puppy vaginitis N/A
Gentamicin 1 mg/lb q 8 hr, IM or SC Skin, Repiratory tract, Urinary tract, Eye*, Ear Kidney damage, Deafness
Griseofulvin 25 mg/lb daily with fat for 4 to 6 weeks Ringworm Don't use in pregnancy
Kanamycin 3 mg/lb q 6 hr, IM or SC Puppy septicemia Kidney damage, Deafness, Brain injury in newborns
Lincomycin 7 mg/lb 8 hr, Orally, 5mg/lb q 12 hr, IM Skin, Wounds, Penicillin substitute Diarrhea
Nystatin 100,000 u/lb q 6 hr, Orally Thrush N/A
Panolog Topically 2 or 3 times daily. Drops and cream Ear, Skin N/A
Penicillin 10,000 u/lb q 12 or 24 hr, IM Skin, Mouth, Tonsils, Uterus, Wounds Allergy
Streptomycin 5 mg/lb q 8 hr, IM Navel infection, Leptospirosis Deafness
Sulfa Drugs Depends on drug Urinary tract, Gastrointestinal tract, Eye* Forms crystals in urine, Anemia, Allergy
Tetracycline 10 mg/lb q 8 hr, Orally, 3.5 mg/lb q 12 hr, IM Leptospirosis, Brucellosis, Respiratory tract, Kennel cough, Skin Stained teeth (unborn puppies), Retarded bone growth (puppies)
Tylosin 5 mg/lb q 8 hr, Orally, 2.5 mg/lb 12 hr, IM Same as Erythromycin Same as for Erythromycin